Our Approach

Convergent Consulting's approach is based around one central thought - Client Value Creation. Every activity of our Consultant team would be originated from and targetted towards a Client Value Goal.

Value-Added Technology Consulting

What sets Convergent apart is our business consulting perspective and approach. We have assisted many entrepreneurs in building their entire business as well as helping established businesses advance to the next level.

We strive to understand your business goals and deliver custom solutions designed to achieve those goals.

We align with your project goals and budget to generate a positive return on your investment.

We can help refine your long-term technology development direction and strategy.

We understand that the value of technology is in the benefits it yields for your business, not in the technology itself.

As one of the strongest software consulting teams in the country, Convergent Consulting offers many benefits and unique advantages to our clients:

  • A Track Record of Success Since 1994, Convergent has successfully completed hundreds of major software development projects on time and on budget.
  • High-Quality Software We create highly reliable, mission-critical software solutions and get you into production on time and on budget.
  • Superior Skills Our award-winning professional software developers continuously update their skills on the latest technologies and hold over 50 advanced Microsoft certifications.
  • Development Methodology A mature and sophisticated methodology ensures effective project management and solid, component-based architecture with thorough documentation.
  • Convergent .NET Core Components A custom library of common system components enables rapid application development, saving clients time and money.
  • Development Center All project work is done at our Development Center in Hyderabad, AP, India, or on site at client offices.
    • Our advanced and flexible development environment has been specially designed for project continuity with rapid launch and efficient re-start of client work.
    • We use a suite of advanced collaboration tools for code repository, version and rollback control, code library management, project collaboration, change requests and status tracking.
    • Clients can remotely access our development servers to review work in progress, provide feedback and perform system testing.
    • Client project managers are welcome to visit Convergent throughout the duration of their project. We have wireless Internet access and guest work stations in our development center.

Convergent Software Development Methodology

Convergent utilizes a refined and sophisticated development methodology that strikes the right balance between effective project management and cost-effective software development for each project. We focus on carefully defining technical requirements that match our client's expectations before development begins. We use a set of best practices refined through hundreds of successful projects for application development with rigorous testing procedures to produce highly reliable, stable code for scalable, extensible systems. All Convergent software is well documented and annotated to facilitate future enhancements and maintenance.

To discuss how we can help your organization, call us at 510-979-1111 or ping us at info@cvrgnt.com and one of our Consulting Expert will be more than happy to help you with your questions.