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Convergent Consulting, Inc., is a Minority Women Owned Company. It provides information technology services to businesses and public sector organizations. Convergent has operations throughout North America. Convergent Consulting is one of the leading providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services with an IT Consulting team of more than 400 consultants* worldwide.

Convergent is proud to announce its 5th year in Business. We have and will continue to provide a technically solid breadth of over 350 in-house ERP (SAP) and IT/IS consultants who regularly demonstrate exemplary industry performance in their select niche skills. The solid industry experience and collective synergy of our SAP implementation team and the IT/IS Consultants in-house has assured clients, time and again, that they will be delivered optimized stability, structure and scalability within specific timeline and budgetary parameters. We assure customers ERP deployment success.

  • We stand for the delivery of top quality IT services
  • We are located in close proximity to our clients
  • We have a strong bond with our clients and our employees - we are a "people-centric" organization
  • We are flexible and entrepreneurial, and can therefore respond very quickly to client requests and changes in the market
  • Convergent team of experienced IT professionals works closely with clients to design, develop and deploy adaptable solutions that address the unique needs of their business and industry. Convergent delivers practical services, built on more than 13 years of global experience.

    We operate in a decentralized and entrepreneurial way, while at the same time joining forces as an informal international network with a presence in various locations.
    To discuss how we can help you with your training needs, call us at 510-979-1111 or ping us at and one of our Training Expert will be more than happy to help you with your questions.
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